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There are many ways to contribute to Glotaran. The best way it to simply use it, and provide feedback by e-mail, phone or in person. Tell the developers what works well and what improvements could be made. Another way is to directly file bug reports if you find bugs or file a feature request if you feel something is really missing. It's possible to file bug reports or feature request in the Issue Tracker called Bugzilla1. Finally it's of course also possible to join the ranks of the developer yourself, check out the sources of the project and compile it yourself and start programming extension and fixing bugs. Below you can find more information on how this works.

Development requirements

Setting up the development enviroment

Setting up the development environment is as simple as installing NetBeans, cloning the git repository (using the built in git) from To get some ideas on where to start take a look at any outstanding issues:

From there on onward the project handles like any other NetBeans platform application. A few good starting points for working with the NetBeans platform are:

  • The book “NetBeans Platform for Beginners”, at:
  • The book “The Definitive Guide to NetBeans™ Platform” by Heiko Boeck, ISBN13: 978-1-4302-2417-4.
  • The book “Rich Client Programming: Plugging into the NetBeans Platform” by Tim Boudreau, Jaroslav Tulach and Geertjan Wielenga, ISBN-13: 978-0132354806.
  • The official NetBeans platform website, located at:
  • The blog of Geertjan Wielenga, located at:


Any questions can be directly addressed to the developers of Glotaran who can be contacted via the support mailing list

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